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   Sep 23

What are the rates for piano class in singapore

Private piano lessons in Singapore are really popular. It’s not just about the lessons people are going for. But it is the skills that people want to learn. Many people in Singapore got piano lessons to learn how to play the piano well. This is also the dream of many Singaporeans!

how to play the piano

There are many piano lessons all over here. The question is not about going for lessons or not. But the questions most students have in their mind is, how much are the lessons? How much should I pay, and what determines the price of the lesson?

True enough, there are really many lessons out there that you can choose from. But it is important to know that not all lessons are created equal. You can find the prices of the lessons online, but instead of looking at the prices, we have to first look at what do you really want out of the lessons.

If you are interested in just learning the piano casually, and playing some songs you love, then you should go for leisure piano lessons. There are some piano teachers in Singapore who are really good at pop songs. Some may even teach you how to play and sing. Pop songs piano lessons may range from $180 to $240 for a month of lessons, depending on the teacher’s capability.

If you are more interested into graded piano exams, and getting your top scores to enroll into top music schools, then you should enroll of graded piano lessons! The music teacher will have a syllabus for you to follow, and she will help you with your piano examinations. Piano fees start from $180 for pure beginners, to $300, when the student is learning at Grade 8 level.

Have a better idea for the piano lessons you are going for now? To get more information on piano lessons, you can contact piano teacher Valerie Chan at her website!

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