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   Aug 12

The Real Cost Of ‘Free’ Wedding Day Photographers

It’s your big day. You and your significant half is going to organize a big wedding dinner to thank all your family, friends, and relatives for all their support these years to see you grow up, and get married!


Then you look at the cost of holding a wedding dinner. It can cost from a 5-figure sum, to high 6-figure sum. However, you want to make all your guests happy. Hence, you decide to have a big enough dinner, but not too much that burst your budget. Then you look at spending money on the gowns, pre-wedding shoots, and gifts for your family.

There’s actually nothing much left. Probably a few hundreds more, or you have to dig into your reserves.

But you miss out one more important service!

Actual Day Wedding Photography Singapore.

But hey, I might not need to spend that much, since I can get some of my photography friends to help me snap some nice photos on wedding day. Or… I can get the wedding shots from everyone on their Facebook, since everyone now has a smart phone! I can save a few thousand dollars on hiring a professional photographer!

How Smart.

That’s the typical conversation that goes on in a newly wed’s mind when they thought about photographers. They thought that by getting some free photographers to shoot pictures on your wedding day can save a few thousands, and probably use that money to fund their honeymoon.

If you think that photography for wedding is a simply task, and one should not engage a professional to handle the job, then you should stop reading.

Because you simply don’t treasure your wedding!

You see, most people get the wrong idea that a photographer’s job is to shoot photos. Yea. JUST SHOOT PHOTOS. How easy it sounds. Yes, it is actually just about shooting photos, if you are asking an amateur. Because professional photographers don’t shoot photos.

They shoot memories. A professional photographer’s job is not to take picture of your friends, but is to take the laughing moment shared between you and your friends. His job is not to take a picture of you and your family members. His job is to take the satisfaction seen on the faces of your family that You’re Finally Getting Married!


That’s the difference of a professional photographer, and your ‘free’ photography friends.

There is nothing wrong with Free. But Free comes with a cost. You have to bear the cost of any ‘missed’ photographs that should have taken on your wedding day – e.g. the moment the bride and bridegroom kiss. the moment they exchange rings, the moment where they share their vows.

You have to bear any technical faults that happen on wedding day. Professional photographers are always ready with their camera lens and equipment and they are always on standby when any equipment breakdown. Does your ‘free’ photography friend has a toolbox of photography equipment to be on standby when something crops up?

If you look at the costs and errors that can happen to you from an untrained photographer, you will know that these costs are really high. This is because your wedding is once-in-a-lifetime event. (We want it to be a once-in-a-lifetime for you!). Hence, there is no chance you can go back to take the photo shots that you’ve missed. You’d probably hate yourself for saving those dollars for a bad wedding experience.

So, what is the real cost of a ‘free’ wedding photographer? Limitless.

Engage – Your Wedding Day Photography Expert. As a professional wedding service, they ensure that your best wedding moments are captured in beautiful images that lasts forever, and ignite lasting memories whenever you look at them.

   Jan 27

Effective IP Math Tuition in Bishan, Singapore?

If you’re looking at getting ip math tuition to help you in your math, then there’s finally help for you!

IP Math is a subject that is relatively new in Singapore, and in the past few years, more schools are starting to offer this subject to their students. Many students welcome this move as it helps to challenge their mathematics solving skills. However, not all IP math students are able to do that well as their peers.

As one of the only few IP Math Tuition Singapore centres, BrainMatter, a renowned tuition centre in Bishan has actually offered tuition to ip math students who needs help. Some needs help to strengthen their concepts, while some students need help to get ahead of their peers and maintain their A-grade standing.

BrainMatter IP Math tuition teachers are highly experienced, as they have already tutored many students from top schools around Singapore, including RI, RGS, NYGS, SCGS, Duman High, St Nicholas’ Girls, ACS(I) and more.

If you would like to improve your IP Math results tremendously, get in touch with BrainMatter tuition centre @ Bishan today.

ip math tuition singapore


   Oct 05

Leadership Training Singapore: Why It Is Important

Whenever we talk about leadership, we always end up with the debate if leaders are born or made. If you are still debating about this, then let this email put it to rest. Leaders are made, not born.

Leaders are important in Singapore, and anywhere over the world. Companies need leaders to lead them forward, and of course, to create results and revenue for them. Every organization want top leaders to lead them. So how do they get these leaders?

leadershipt training singaporeMost people go through leadership training singapore program to learn about leadership and most importantly, how to lead a group of people towards a common goal and achieve it. It may sounds simple just by saying it out, but true leadership is about applying the learned principles.

Why do you have to attend leadership training? It is important because it is all about developing yourself. Many people have their own mindset of leading others, but what is important is the learning the leadership skills of successful leaders. That’s what people want to learn! They want to learn the important concepts that successful leaders use to lead other to attain great results.

To learn and find out more about leadership programs in Singapore that can benefit your team leaders and the whole organization, you can check out one of Singapore’s leading leadership training company, Deep Impact. Check out their website at 

   Sep 30

Wealth Management Singapore: When Should You Start?

When we talk about wealth management Singapore, we would usually refer to the management of your own finances and wealth in this rich country of Singapore. Managing your money and wealth in his country is ever-important now as prices are increasing faster than income and people are facing difficulties to retire at their desired age.

However, if you manage your wealth properly with proven strategies, then you may be able to achieve your targeted financial goals. This is what many people want to achieve at the end of their working lives. However, the question people always have is… when should I start? Should I start managing my money when I make lots of money? If my income is low, does it really help to manage any money?

Yes. If you want to achieve your financial goals, you should start managing your wealth the day you get your income. It is not easy as you may have many plans to spend the money. But it is important to start young and start early so that you have the advantage of time working on your side. As time goes, the money that you set aside for investment will grow on the interest rate that you worked in, and that will multiply your money.

Hence, that means if you allow more time for your money to grow, it will grow more!

That is why certified financial advisor in Singapore always recommend their clients to start wealth managing early to reap all the benefits they can have.

   Sep 26

Discounts with Hostgator Coupon Codes

Are you looking for Hostgator Coupon Codes? If you are looking for them, then you are doing the right thing! Many people are buying hosting from hostgator, but one big mistake they do, is that they do not use coupon codes to get discounts! They can save a lot of money just by simply using coupon codes before they confirm their deal!

hostgator coupon codes

Getting discounts with hostgator hostings can help you save about 25% of your final bill of your hosting package. By saving this money, which can be around $75 USD, you are literally saving almost a year of hosting deals! What’s more, you can also use this money to pay for your domain name, or even web design.

Yes. Since we are already talking about money, we should manage it well, and this includes taking advantage of discounts whenever we can and so we can maximise the dollars we have. This will help us reduce cost and increase our profits. If there is money to be saved, why not?

Get all the hostgator coupon codes you need here:

Build a magnificent site with hostgator today!

   Sep 23

What are the rates for piano class in singapore

Private piano lessons in Singapore are really popular. It’s not just about the lessons people are going for. But it is the skills that people want to learn. Many people in Singapore got piano lessons to learn how to play the piano well. This is also the dream of many Singaporeans!

how to play the piano

There are many piano lessons all over here. The question is not about going for lessons or not. But the questions most students have in their mind is, how much are the lessons? How much should I pay, and what determines the price of the lesson?

True enough, there are really many lessons out there that you can choose from. But it is important to know that not all lessons are created equal. You can find the prices of the lessons online, but instead of looking at the prices, we have to first look at what do you really want out of the lessons.

If you are interested in just learning the piano casually, and playing some songs you love, then you should go for leisure piano lessons. There are some piano teachers in Singapore who are really good at pop songs. Some may even teach you how to play and sing. Pop songs piano lessons may range from $180 to $240 for a month of lessons, depending on the teacher’s capability.

If you are more interested into graded piano exams, and getting your top scores to enroll into top music schools, then you should enroll of graded piano lessons! The music teacher will have a syllabus for you to follow, and she will help you with your piano examinations. Piano fees start from $180 for pure beginners, to $300, when the student is learning at Grade 8 level.

Have a better idea for the piano lessons you are going for now? To get more information on piano lessons, you can contact piano teacher Valerie Chan at her website!

Hope this article helps you! 

   Aug 13

How Much Does It Cost To Learn How To Play The Violin?

People have many reasons why they want to learn how to play the violin. Some may say they want to learn to play the instrument of their dreams, some want to follow a music idol who plays the violin. Some just want to learn, so they can be a great musician one day. Dreams wise, no problem about it.

However, we have to come to reality when we talk about learning the violin. How much does it cost to learn?

Wait, before you think that the violin lessons in Singapore you have to go for cost only cost $200 at most a month, think again. That is just the lessons fees! You have not added in the cost of buying the violin, the violin strings, and other course materials. And wait, you don’t just go for 1 lesson only right? The average student takes about 1-2 years to learn the basics of the violin.

Some students may be committed, and want to go for exams. Hey, that’s another cost! (But it’s an optional one)

Oh. We are only on the subject of money too!

There’s time cost too. If you regard money as time, yes, count how much time you need to learn the violin. A lesson of 1 hour a week is just the time to learn new things. You still need time to practice what you have learned, so you can improve. If you want to improve your violin skills fast, then you have to put in at least 10 hours a week. At Least.

If you have read till here, you may thought that I’m trying to discourage to learn the violin, because it seems SO EXPENSIVE!

But hey, there are definitely certain rewards you can gain from picking up lessons. And what’s more, not everything has to be about money. If you can play the violin to your loved ones, and can bring happiness and joy to their lives, isn’t that worth the effort too?

Enjoy violin, and enjoy learning it!

   Aug 05

Team Building Singapore: Making It Worth Your Money!

team building singapore budget

How to make your team building program worth the money?

There are many team building singapore programs available here at your disposal. Companies who want to engage a team building company to organize team events or activities usually face a common problem. No, it’s not about thinking what activities to organize. No, it’s also not about the venue or the people to get together.

You know it. It’s about the money! 

A team building company can help the organization strategize and generate ideas for the team event, so there’s no need to worry about the fun and games. What about venue? Yes, that would depend very much on the budget that is available to the company to organize the event.

Many companies or organizations who buy team building programs worry about the money that is involved. No doubt about that. However, instead of worrying about the money spent, why not focus on making sure that the money is worth spending?

If you are considering to buy team building programs, here is how you can make sure that you are investing your event budget on the right event, and right results.

Make sure your objectives can be achieved through the programs

Many companies want team building programs without knowing why. Or just general reasons such as “team bonding” or “know each other better”. To make your money worth, be more specific to the program organizer, tell them you want your staff to open up to each other more, to know each other differences and learn how to work together in teams.

Then, make sure that the programs proposed by the organizer fits the purpose of what you want to achieve. Also, ask the vendor how each activity can achieve your company objectives. This is because many programs out there are just about fun and hype, but does not change or drive any message to the participants. In the end, nothing changes when the staff return back to their workplace.

Also, make sure that the team building Singapore program comes with a follow-up program that will help to remind the lessons that the participants learn. They may learn many things during the 1 day program, but it is useless if they forget everything after that, and not able to apply anything back in their workplace. Hence, to make your investment worth the money, make sure your staff get proper follow up after the program!

There you go, simple ways to make sure your company’s budget for your team building programs is worth the money!


   Aug 01

New Property Launch In Singapore: Are They Good Deals?

Singapore’s hot property market is getting hotter and hotter. Even though there are many measures taken by the government to keep the prices down, there are still many new property launch happening in Singapore, almost every month! And that’s not all. You will still see people flooding into showrooms to snap up highly priced flats!

However, the question is not about the property launches. It is about… are they good deals now? Is this a good time to buy new launches of condos even after so many cooling measures? That’s the question we have to think about before we get caught in the haste of buying new condos. No doubt, there are many good deals of property launches out there that if you are an investor of property markets, you should hence take advantage of it!

The new launch property prices of the condos in Singapore, as of September 2013, is about $1500 psf. Although it is highly priced, it is seen as an opportunity for some investors to get in if the condos provide good location and facilities, which are important for good rental yields.

Are you looking for news of new property launches in Singapore? Go to for the latest condo launches news!

   Jul 16

Why Money Management Is Important

Money is a great tool. Money allows us to do transactions. Without money, we would have a hard time buying and selling things we want. Today in this post, we are not just talking about uses of money. We want to talk about the uses of Managing Money.

Many people in their lives want to earn a lot of money. They want to have a high paying job, with pays them lots and lots of money and awesome perks. They want to build a business that keep giving them sales after sales after sales. With all these, money will just keep flowing into your pocket! I’m sure you’re imagining lots of dollar notes inside your bank now!

However, picture another image. However much money you put into your bank, they all flow out! You put in $100, $100 will flow out. Even if you earn more money at $10,000, $10,000 flows out too. What exactly is happening here? Now, this is the problem of money management. Nobody cares about managing their money. People only care about making more money coming into their pockets, but never bother about the money that is flowing out.

That is what this post about managing money is about! Control your outflow of money!

If you have studied the rich, you will see that not only do they earn lots of money from their businesses, stocks, or assets, they also control their money very well. You may be deceived that they will spend their money on posh cars, luxurious houses, or exotic holidays… but the truth is far from that! You never see they spend so much money, unless they can earn 10 times more back from their business!

However, if you look at poorer people, they spend whatever money they have, and worse of all, they spend more than what they have! They go on credit card loans, or huge mortgages to buy houses that they cannot afford to pay. They hope that by taking credit loans, they can get through the tough times, and if their property price rises, they can pay off the debt then.

This is a huge risk taking action, and definitely not a smart way to manage your money. Thus, this blog is here to teach you how to manage your money, so no matter how much money is flowing in or out, you can still call yourself RICH!