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   Sep 21

Our Writers

We are a group of writers managing our money management website. Do note that we are not professional writers of bloggers. We are just a group of friends who love to talk about money when we come together. Probably that’s the topic to get us together.

Hence, we took turns to share our insights on money here on the blog. So… let us introduce a little bit more about ourselves here.

Alexander Koo

Alex is an avid sportsman since school days. Being part of the school team that plays in the national football tournament every year for 4 years, he has gained lots of insights and knowledge on football, and improving performance as a team. The moment where he become interested in money, is when he realised how much money superstar football players make.

As a Man Utd fan himself, he watches ManUtd matches without fail every weekend. His childhood dream is to play for ManUtd one day, but now, he hopes he can earn 1% of what Rooney makes a week will do.


Tim Ling

Tim currently owns a local restaurant, a business he started with his family. After graduating from college, he break away from the normal route of entering university and get a secured job. Instead, he ventured into entrepreneurship with the support of his family. With a family backing (his parents own businesses too), he started a local restaurant within his neighborhood.

He may not be that successful as big hotel chains, and he may struggle sometimes, but he believes as long as he works hard and learn how to manage a business, he can grow the restaurant into a big chain one day. He likes to share his insights on managing money, especially in the areas of managing the company finances.


Chung Sang

Chung, our dear friend from China, has been studying overseas for his entire school life since the age of 10. He has studied in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, as he follows wherever his parents go for businesses. Because of his frequent travels and visits in different countries, he has exposed himself to different cultures and people, and allowed him to gain so much insights that not everybody could have.

He is a contributor for to share insights of money or financial news that happen in the country he is currently residing in (we are not sure where he is now. So just read the blog to find out!)


*There are also times where we get our mutual friends who want to share their money insights to guest post on our blogs. We will vet through their sharing to make sure that they are only providing valuable information that is suitable for our blog. 

Meanwhile, if you have any enquiries, do feel free to contact us!