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   Nov 18

Money vs Happiness


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There is no hidden secret in the fact that Money is integral part to human survival. This whole world is driven by this entity and entire system functions using it as an input in some form or the other. Every single moment on this planet is governed by the laws which inadvertently converges towards money factors.

Money defines power, position, status and one’s capability to make things happen around. It dictates a hierarchy which might not be visible or documented but it transpires by its own in some form or the other. Earning money is desirable and wanting to have more beyond one’s need considered to be greed which finds no end and that is when it becomes world’s most lethal thing to have in possession.  

It is always difficult, or more so become challenging in current times, to find the equilibrium between your financial needs and earning race.  In current times, we tend to believe that human emotions are very well adjusted and satisfied with money alone and that is definitely a dangerous trend which is being witnessed across the globe.

Money can definitely help you buy all the materialistic things and get them at your disposal but human emotions and feelings are something which can never be bought with anything let alone money.  Money is a great differentiator which is being used to decide the world developing vs developed nations. 

We can have as much money as we want but we can never have it enough to meet our needs because after a point we lose track of what exactly we started off for and end up wasting our entire life running behind it.

It is no surprise, backed by the dignified research as well, that individuals/businessmen, businesswomen who earned money like anything during their prime time where mostly alone nearing their dead ends because they never had time for their family or other important aspect of life rather money was everything for them to go for.

Its better to set your priorities sorted out right at the beginning and start your jaunt with a near perfect aim in your life and go for it.  There is no point cribbing about your by gone times when you cannot do much about it, when your hard-earned money cannot give your days back, the precious moments which you would have enjoyed otherwise. So be wise and plan accordingly before it get too late.  You can find happiness at a later age also. If you always wanted to take guitar lessons, but never could, adult guitar lessons in Singapore will be at your rescue.

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