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   Sep 21

Guest Blogging

As you know, we are not professional or full time bloggers. Hence, we do not have the luxury to blog everyday to share our insights on money and finances. However, we still want to build our blog and keep it alive. Hence, we are opening up our blog to new posts that are related to our topics.

You can share with us your articles anything related to:

  • Money
  • Finance
  • Financial Markets
  • Personal Finance
  • Money Management
  • Business Finance
  • Economics

… or anything that will educate people on money.

Conditions for guest blogging:

1. We do not accept everyone to guest post.

We are open for guest blogging, but that doesn’t mean anyone can just copy and paste whatever articles they like on our blog. The articles have to be relevant to our topics, and most importantly, add value to our readers.

2. Don’t be offended if we don’t post your articles. 

Sometimes, we may just delay your article publishing date. Maybe we need to say something important, hence, we need the airtime to our own writers first. But don’t worry, if your article is approved, we will still feature it.

3. Read-Worthy

As we focus more on money-related topics, our audience are more of people who are in the business world. You may like to add a little ‘voice’ to your articles, but do keep it clean and read-worthy. No vulgarities allowed please.

If you are really interested in writing for us, then contact us here with your request. We will send you instructions to send in your articles.