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Yes! It Matters!

   Sep 21


Welcome to 

You may wonder what is about. If you arrive from our site, we are quite sure you manage to arrive here due to our articles and content shared across the web. We are made up of a group of passionate bloggers who write for a living. We commit to provide you with the best available content about financial literacy, financial management, and anything related to money and finances.

Why EarthV? 

Our website doesn’t starts to write about money or anything related finances. It is more of an environmental blog previously. However, we realize that our objectives are changing, and our bloggers began to discuss more about money issues from 4 years ago, in 2010. We are in the growing up phase, and suddenly, most of the talks are about money. (By the way, we are 28 years old as of 2014).

Therefore, you can read lots of articles here on our blog, and most of them are somehow talking about money, which is what most people loves to talk about too!

We hope you enjoy your stay and do give us some likes and sharing to keep us motivated!